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These delightful creamy gourmet chocolate truffles are nothing like the traditional Ganache based truffles found in UK retailers.

Our authentic Brazilian recipes are all Gluten-free and suitable for Vegetarians. We have also developed a range of truffles suitable for vegans, and are always experimenting to create new flavours. They are made with real food and no artificial flavouring or colouring.

Our products are all handmade from start to finish, which adds to the rich experience we want our customers to enjoy.

Our delicious truffles come in boxes of varying sizes, depending on the number purchased; though, for those special occasions we are a little more creative, offering hearts, Easter eggs and even Christmas Crackers, all filled with our gooey Brazilian chocolate goodness.We cater for individuals, events (such as weddings) and for the corporate sector.

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The term Bossa Nova is associated with the Brazilian music genre immortalised by Austrud Gilberto in The Girl from Ipanema (by Joao Gilberto and Tom Jobim). The genre is a melodic combination of Jazz and Samba. In our humble opinio it represents what is best in Brazil, its creativity and sophistication.

We've chosen Bossa Nova to be our Chocolate brand because we want our customers to feel like they are being treated to the best of Brazil, in this case, the best chocolates.

Some may even say our chocolates make their taste buds
sing and dance – a nod to Bossa Nova music.

If you are still looking for a translation, I think what best describe it is a "New Wave", "New Trend" in music terms (50s expression in Brazil).

Brigadeiro, pronounced as [brie-ga-day-roo], is the Brazilian Portuguese word for chocolate truffles.

First developed by a Brazilian confectioner, Eloisa Nabuco de Oliveira, during the 1946 Presidential election.

Brigadier Eduardo Gomes partly funded his election campaign from the sales of these sweets.

Although he didn’t win, the sweet caught on as a celebratory delicacy, that is still consumed throughout Brazil today.

We've chosen the Scarlet Amazon Macaw for our brand identity in homage to this incredible bird, who has been struggling with endengerment.

Native from Central and South America the Scarlet Amazon Macaw numbers are decreasing, due
to deforestation and illegal wildlife trafficking.

Andrea's older brother lives in the state of Mato Grosso in the West of Brazil. He and his wife, as well as the kids built a bird sanctuary in their home to help birds rescued by local vets to recover.

The vets look after the rescued birds from a health point of view and Andrea's brother family look after them from a welfare point of view, housing them on huge aviaries/ enclosures, feeding and loving them.

Where possible birds are returned to the wild but sometimes this is not possible so they then become part of the family.

The Scarlet Amazon Macaw on our packaging is modelled on one of the birds at Andrea’s
brother’s home. She’s called Cacao, a pure coincidence as the name was already given
before we set up Bossa Nova brand, but it is a very nice coincidence
nevertheless ;-)

Well, there are so many things I can attribute its presence in our brand.

1 - Cacao trees and the forest. Cacao trees grow in the shadows of the tall Rainforests. They need shade to survive and that is provided by the huge tree canopies.

2 - Brazil land is home to the largest Rain Forest in the world

3 - Bossa Nova Values of Sustainability only sources the chocolates used in our products from Fairtrade and sustainable suppliers. In fact, we can trace our chocolates all the way to the cacau farm they come from.

The wave pattern in our box design is a homage to Ipanema beach in Copacabana/Rio de Janeiro. The location became famously known after Astrud Giilberto immortalised The Girl from Ipanema song by Joao Guilberto and Tom Jobim.

Birds Curious facts

The Macaw is the largest of the three species, and it tends to be more colourful than the other two. They all mate for life so it is a huge loss when the pair is broken.

According to the World Wildlife Found there are 3800 species of birds in the South America Tropical Rainforest, with over 1300 in the Amazon.

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