What makes Bossa Nova chocolates unique?

When people ask us, but aren't your chocolate like any other Belgian/French ganache based truffles ...

Well the answer is, far from it. Brazilian style chocolate truffles are made by reducing all ingredients in the hob till it gets to the correct soft consistency. To make a ganache based truffle you first warm double cream and then melt and blend the chocolate and any additional sugars and flavourings required. 

Both processes have to be left cool down completely before they are ready for portioning, rolling and decorating. 

The other difference is the shelf life, manufactured in small scale and with only natural ingredients our luxury Brazilian style chocolate truffles have a max of three months shelf life, while manufactured chocolates you find on mainstream retailers.

We are proud to have received the support from Welsh Food and Drink Innovation, through the Project Helix with Zero2Five team from Cardiff Met University. The team help us to achieve a greater shelf life by small changes to the cooking process. We are committed to improve and a new phase of the project is starting soon.

 Authenticity to our recipes is paramount to us, and we will continue to improve and make our products the most delicious chocolates you have ever tried. The pure taste of Brazil, made in Wales.

How about starting exploring our range? 

Bossa Nova Brazilian Style Chocolate truffles - Product Range

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