What bird is on Bossa Nova branded boxes and Father's Day Chocolate reminder...

We've chosen the Scarlet Amazon Macaw for our brand identity in homage to this incredible bird, who has been struggling with endangerment.

Native from Central and South America the Scarlet Amazon Macaw numbers are decreasing, due to deforestation and illegal wildlife trafficking.

Andrea's older brother lives in the state of Mato Grosso in the West of Brazil. He and his wife, as well as the kids built a bird sanctuary in their home to help birds rescued by local vets to recover.

The vets look after the rescued birds from a health point of view and Andrea's brother family look after them from a welfare point of view, housing them on huge aviaries/enclosures, feeding and loving them.

Where possible birds are returned to the wild but sometimes this is not possible so they then become part of the family.

The Scarlet Amazon Macaw on our packaging is modelled on one of the birds at Andrea’s brother’s home. She’s called Cacao, a pure coincidence as the name was already given before we set up Bossa Nova brand, but it is a very nice coincidence nevertheless ;-)

Would you like to see more of the rescued birds/animals in our branding? Let us know, commenting to this post or on any of our social media accounts.

 Remember, Bossa Nova chocolates are all made from Fairtrade Belgian Chocolates, natural ingredients, and suitable for Vegetarians. We also offer a selection of Dairy-free/Soya-free Brazilian-style chocolates, suitable for Vegans and Low-sugar snacking bars (made with Pecan and Pistachios).

It is not too late to get your Father's Day gift either. Sunday is approaching quickly though...

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