Discover our Vegan Friendly Certified Chocolates

We are Vegan Friendly Certified
Not long ago we publish on our social media our delight to receive the Vegan Friendly certification from Vegan Friendly.
So what are our certified products:
  1. Dairy Free/Vegan Plain Dark Chocolate
  2. Dairy Free/Vegan Pecan Dark Chocolate (Great Taste Award - 1 Star - 2021)
  3. Dairy Free/Vegan Assorted Dark Chocolates 
  4. Low-sugar Pecan and Pistachio Dark chocolate snacking bars
They are not only dairy-free, all of them are gluten-free and products 1, 2 and 3 are also Soya-free, where as product 4 is made using a low-sugar dark chocolate.
We are very proud to offer a range of products, respecting our customer dietary requirements with the highest quality of ingredients.
Thank you for supporting our small business and if you want to try any of the above why not head to our Free From chocolate collection page.

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